About HØST

Established in 2000 with a public-private ownership; today, we have become the leading player in Norway with annual production of more than 250.000 tons of bio and mineral residues-based growing media and crop-care products.

Triggered by Curiosity.
Driven by Sustainability.
Delivered by Solutioneer.
— Torleiv Næss Ugland, CEO of HØST


“Providing industry leading economical waste disposal solutions.
The Forerunner of Waste Handling.”

Our core competence is centred on continuous deployment of innovation and know-how in microbiology, agronomy and resource utilization. Our high ranked microbiologists and agronomists recruited from Norwegian research institutes have developed a wide range of user-specific soil products for agriculture and industry, from USGA golf green material to roof gardens and special soil supplied with chitin for terrace use.


“Make waste valuable again. Create circular economy.”

Our vision is to transform the waste industry by continuously providing innovative solutions for waste handling. We provide reliable and most of all safe disposal solutions while allowing your business to run like clockwork.