Reducing CO₂ emissions by using trains.

Finding a sustainable solution in geographically challenged areas like Norway, can be quite a logistic challenge. Our solution architects utilized our wide internal competence at HØST when designing the solution set to handle more than 14 000 tons of biosolids from the city of Bergen.

Challenges to optimize:

  1. Frequency - Continuous flow of biosolids from Bergen biogas plant meant daily pickups.

  2. Distance - Majority of the biosolids had to be transported to eastern parts of Norway.

  3. Weather conditions - Transport distance over 500 km on mountain roads can be quite a challenge especially during winter season.


Reduce CO₂ emission by optimizing transportation solutions.

With the challenges listed above, our focus was to come up with a solution that would secure a steady flow from Bergen functioning all year round, yet being cost effective and lastly, reducing CO₂ footprint. Traditional means of transport would have put an additional 360 trucks on the roads between Bergen and Oslo.

Solutioneer - HØST.

Together with one of our logistic partners, PostNord, a creative solution was designed utilizing cargo trains between Bergen and Oslo. We designed containers that were specifically made to transport biosolid waste.

Curious and want to learn more about our train solutions? Contact our Organic Resourcing manager Sveinung Folkvord.