Rec Solar 

Bi-products from solar energy has potential as plant protection.

In cooperation with Rec Solar, HØST provides lucrative and sustainable solutions in utilizing side streams from production of solar grade silicon and amorphous micro silica. Together with REC Solar Silicon Materials, HØST produces liming agents that are essential for soil and plant growth.

Russian scientists documented that Amorphous Micro Silica (AMS) from Rec Solar is plant available and functions as fertilizer element in production of super accumulators, such as rice and sugar cane.

Currently, HØST is conducting trials that put AMS in stressful environments, such as dry conditions and high salt conditions to further develop tailor made silicon fertilizers.

A bi-product from the Silicon production at REC Solar is Solarite. Solarite is a composition of pure wollastonite (CaSiO3) and ranclite (Ca3Si2O7). HØST is crushing and sieving the Solarite into different fractions; a fine fraction, which functions as pH adjusting liming agent on farmer fields. The gravel fractions HØST uses as filter material aiming to treat leakage water from stone/gravel fillings containing sulfides. This leakage water is acidic and rich in Aluminium and represents a threat to biology in general and foremost fish. Our filter material increases the pH level and precipitate alumina that would other wise be a great threat to fish.