HØST equals quality

HØST is a leading company within processing and final disposal of organic waste. By combining our unique knowledge about agronomy and biological processes with a continuous focus on quality, safety and environmental issues, we develop innovative and professional solutions that meets society's demands and utilize waste as a valuable resource.

HØST has a close and committed partnership with its partners, and never compromises with moral standards or formal guidelines and requirements set by authorities. Our customers can feel confident that our products, services and guidance are always delivered within the framework that regulates our business at all times.

A good operation is based not only on financial performance, but also on quality, safety and environmental concerns. This requires good management and management tools with a focus on continuous improvement.

HØST has established and certified a management system according to the internationally recognized standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quality and environmental management. The system addresses the most important management parameters that a business must comply with, ensuring the fulfillment of our customer and partner requirements as well as internal requirements, laws and regulations.