Minorga Vekst 

Bringing circular economy to a global scale.

Minorga Vekst was established in 2011 together with IVAR. The joint venture created a sustainable solution to reuse biosolid waste. Today, 120 tonnes of biosolid is used as raw material in fertilizer production on daily basis, and further exported to Vietnam.

The surplus biomass, called biosolid, is tested for heavy metals and pathogens, ensuring the final cake is hygienized and therefore 100% safe to use on edible crops. The biosolid is stabilized and hygienized through high temperature drying. The particular system at the WWTP in Stavanger (SNJ) is validated through tests in documenting no survival of selected indicator organisms. The dried biosolid functions as an organic supplier of phosphorus and nitrogen, and constitutes a major fraction in our fertilizer production. Organic matter has a higher value at latitudes of higher soil activities and soil degradation. This, in addition that Norway has a surplus of soil phosphorus as opposed to soils in Vietnam, makes export a natural choice. HØST has carried through several field test proving the fertilizing effects of our MINORGA and NOR product line.

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