Project Vietnam

“From curiosity to solution.”

In 2012 I visited Vietnam for the first time, and noticed the immense cultivation area. The increasing demand for organic crop care products and the eroding soil was in desperate need of an economically sustainable solution. And from there, Project Vietnam was created.

— Torleiv Næss Ugland, CEO of HØST

Located in the heart of South East Asia in a tropical region, with an impressive 11 million hectares of farmland, Vietnam is the ideal destination for cultivation. However, decades of overusing chemical fertilizers have seriously damaged and polluted the soil resulting in an unbalanced in biodiversity. The application of organic fertilizer not only heals the soil properties, increases the soil fertility, but also provides the plants with the necessary living micro organisms.

In 2012, HØST set up a representative office to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Today reaching over 60 million farmers with our waste management solutions and organic fertilizer product line, HØST Asia office acts as our international hub for businesses all over South East Asia.