Reducing ocean pollution.

Skretting is the world leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feeds, making them an essential link in the feed-to-food chain.

As a part of “THE GREEN SHIFT”, HØST finds Skretting an ideal partner when solving waste problems originating from the fish farming industry. The bio residues from the fish farming posts a severe threat to the pollution of the Norwegian Sea waters, but on the other hand, using HØST’s waste management solutions, is an essential raw material in fertilizer production with high demand for organic matter.

The fish farming industry in Norway is scattered along the long coastline of Norway, leading to complicated logistics issues in harvesting the bio residues from the small fish farms. Skretting and HØST has together joined forces to set up an efficient and low cost return of the bio residues, where the Minorga factory outside Stavanger, refine the bio residues before the long journey to farmers in South East Asia, who simply love our fertilizer made of bio residues from the production of high quality arctic salmon.